Landscapes in 4's

The kinds of landscapes I aspire to find in Morocco don't come easily. Having a fondness for trees is probably the wrong starting point, but the quest to find subjects that could be replicated in Europe is not unfulfilled. Birch trees, blossom, bark textures are often glorious subjects for the landscape photographer and are available in Morocco. Where it becomes more difficult here is the quality and abundance of light. Here the light is almost always via a strong sun, there are few overcast days, so few that I can count them on one hand. Early and late light can often be restricted by mountains so reflected light can be a useful tool or indeed work in post-production to control the tonal range if shooting in bright conditions. Having a great camera for this is a must. There are other other kinds of landscape possibilities in Morocco such as endless mountain recession which I haven't dug into yet. They require early starts in areas away from accommodation, something that I'm building up to.

I'm a great believer in sequences and not one-offs. A sequence of images that circle around a subject seem much more satisfying. If I spend a few days in one location I hope to get 4 images, that's my target. I'll flirt with a few more during the process but in reality I'm kidding myself. The final edit reduces the need for weak shots and 4 for me seems like a good number, enough for the viewer to get the idea and not so many to weaken the sequence or fatigue the viewer. It may be a 20 hour round trip to get these but they are like finding jewels, the documenting of these kinds of landscape photographs in Morocco is rarely seen.