Portrait motivations

I can discuss three projects until now, two of which have been centred on Moroccan women. I like a challenge and in some ways women are probably the most off limits subject certainly in public shooting street street style. Still the beauty of the females here is undeniable, they are incredibly photogenic and so the challenge is set. I find using the portrait genre gives me the chance to engage with the person. I may know them a little already which helps and it gives time for me to explain my motivates and to put hem at ease on that score. Still working with a non-pro sitter and trying to get the 'look' I want takes time. For me the pleasure is about getting a moment that is a little charged with life, not flat or reposed and not a stolen moment, but composed. The great pleasure for me is to get that whilst maintaining technical aspects. I more often shoot at the widest aperture, f2.8 which on a 645 75mm gives very little DOF so there's a lot of hit and miss.  My motivation for photographing Moroccan women is exactly that they have rarely been photographed (published work) in a way I admire which is especially true of nomad women who are often seen in situ looking bored, disengaged or distracted. My motivation has been to buck this trend and preserve some of their beauty for future times. Moroccan women are charismatic and charming and wonderful to photograph given the opportunity.