Using reflected light

In landscape photography no one set of weather conditions works for all scenes and locations. Photographers will often balk at sunny days and superficially this is true; direct sun can wreak havoc. The locations I have visited this year in Switzerland and Spain both required different lighting. The Swiss rocks series benefited from diffuse stronger lighting enabled by clouds moving over the sun. For the forests in Spain filtered light would have worked for some locations but for others not. Deeper forests and trees need light penetration to lift the scene so sunrise and sunset do not work for me as within a valley setting those times offer too little light. Instead I worked with the brighter light of the day in the hours surrounding s&s. In essence I was looking for the light reflected back from the other side of the valley onto the scene I wanted to photograph. The quality of light is softer and warmer and offers a different quality. Learning to work with the light that’s available and tailoring your photography to suit will lead you to becoming a more complete and happy photographer.